Welcome to webpages of a company CC Pharma s.r.o.

The Company CC Pharma s.r.o. was founded in 2016 by Dr. Thomas Weppelmann and from the beginning it is engaged in providing reliable services and distribution of high quality branded medications. CC Pharma s.r.o. is 100 % owned by the German company CC Pharma GmbH.

The main focus of our CZ branch is to supply branded pharmaceuticals to our trusted partners across the European Union. At CC Pharma s.r.o. we are dedicated to provide a complete satisfaction to corporate clients.

Our engaged working team have a long written track record in the pharmaceutical industry. CC Pharma s.r.o. is contributing to various number of international projects all over the world.

Our Goals and Values

RESPONSIBILITY and COMPETENCE are our core values.
In CC Pharma s.r.o. we would like to provide a comprehensive pharmaceutical services and we are keen to establish a long lasting working relationship with our partners.